The breed standard ... and personal opinions ...

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The adjusted FCI Breed Standard nr. 147 for the Rottweiler was published only yesterday and I am receiving lots of e-mails and messages and it looks like social media are quickly following.

These messages concern all sorts of comments and personal opinions.    They vary between on the one side a thankful cheering to on the other side the statement that the adjustment is still giving too much freedom for personal interpretation.     They vary between the hope that the adjusted standard will finally bring the Rottweiler back to its definition to messages that blatantly dare to deny that the standard defines the breed and that state that a judge’s or breeder’s personal preferances may and even must still prevail (sic).     They vary between the regret that the adaption did not come much sooner to the opinion that judges or breeders should not bring the adjusted standard immediately into practice but should allow for a transition period, etc. … .

First of all, the IFR is a federation of Rottweilerclubs that all accept the FCI breed standard as the only definition of the breed.     The Federation is however not the keeper of the standard nor the author of its adaptions.   That responsibility becomes the VDH (Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen), undoubtably and undisputed directed by the ADRK.    So while the IFR will always be prepared to discuss everything that concerns the breed and to gobally come to it’s defence and protection, it will always refer to the Mother Country for everything that touches the breed standard.   

Still, on behalf of the IFR, I loudly call to all Rottweiler lovers, especially all judges and breeders, to stop spouting or expressing personal opinions on the breed’s definition !   

Your personal preferances are just as irrelevant as they are harmful !  Don’t forget : it were those very same personal opinions and preferances that brought us into the present situation in which the standard had to be adjusted to the results of faulty judging / breeding and/or to try to limit or correct the bad consequences of them.    The adjusted standard is indeed not "new" but it is before all else a clarification of traits and faults, an more detailed explanation of what is wanted and unwanted, to avoid further deviations based on personal preferences and interpretations.  There is only one Rottweiler !   

I call to all Rottweiler lovers to accept and respect the FCI breed standard as the sole and binding definition of the breed !!     The breed standard defines the physical and mental characteristics of the breed and all deviating personal opinions are irrelevant and harmful if brought into practice in the showring and/or breeding programs.   If you do not like the characteristics of the Rottweiler ... feel free to choose for another breed but do not try to change our breed into what you personally like !

Let the present adjustment of the breed standard be a signal for a new start, not for a new Rottweiler (!) but for a renewed and determined effort to preserve the Rottweiler as close as possible to his original definition, understood and given an interpretation as a utility breed, and the acknowledgement that this is only possible if we accept the FCI breed standard as the breed’s only definition.

And no, in my personal opinion we must not allow for a transition period.   The faults that are highlighted in the newly adjusted standard were already faults in the former standard and it would be absurd to consciously tolerate them for even longer under a standard that was adjusted exactly to make sure such tolerance is unacceptable.

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteele