Proposals sent by Member Clubs for the IFR Meetings of 17 - 18 september 2019

The following proposals were sent in by IFR Member Clubs to be discussed at the Meetings of 17 - 18 september 2019.   

In alphabetical order : Argentina / Belgium / Germany / Great Brittain / Lithuania / Serbia ... (status per 05.08.2019) 



The Argentine Rottweilerclub proposes :

  1. We propose that the election of authorities be carried out by the complete list system, in whose body the candidates will be assigned to fill the positions corresponding to the Board of Directors and the Court of Accounts.

For the election of the positions of the Board of Directors, the list will be submitted 30 days before with the names of the candidates and substitutes.

The list will be made official no less than 20 days before the election. If there are objections, they will be accepted until 12 days prior to the election, submitted in writing with a signature, and will be resolved by the Board within 3 days of its presentation.

The positions are: President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, members 1, 2, 3 and alternate.   In addition, two auditors will be chosen to form the Court of Accounts.

Voting form: it will be secret and in sealed envelopes for a complete list that will be deposited in a closed ballot box. Once the voting is over, a committee made up of three people who are not from the current Board and who are not people who form the participating lists, will proceed to open the envelopes and count the votes in view of all. It will be done by election of the complete list by closed envelope.

Once the votes are counted, the winning list will be proclaimed and the result will be recorded in the minutes book.

In the case that there is only one list presented, the vote will not be necessary and will proceed directly to its proclamation as the winner. In case of tie the vote of the IFR president will decide.

Functions of the charges:

President: is the legal representative of the entity. The president will act on behalf of the entity, may hold harassment, contracts and proceedings before public or private organizations. It will convene the steering committee, preside over its meetings, summon the assemblies of associates and direct them. Sign the Minutes of the steering committee and the assemblies together with the secretary. Unwind in case of votes tied in the Board of Directors, authorize the expense accounts with the treasurer, signing receipts, checks, money orders, etc. It will preserve the good name of the institution and ensure its administration, observe and ensure compliance with the corporate purpose and all the provisions of the statute and regulations.

Vice President: The vice president will replace the president in case of death, resignation, absence or impediment.

Secretary: The secretary must attend the meetings of the Board and the assemblies, write the corresponding minutes, make the summons to the meetings of the board of directors and assemblies, sign the minutes of the meeting of the board of directors and the assemblies with the president. Sign jointly with the president the documentation of the association. Sign and carry the partner book with the treasurer. Prepare the card of the partners, guard the official stamps of the institution and take the cards of partners. He is the head of the institution responsible for administrative and handyman staff.

Treasurer: attend the meetings of the Board and the assemblies, keep the accounts of the entity, settling it in the books, sign and keep the book of partners together with the secretary. Register the collection of social fees, declare non-payment, default, withdrawals, etc. Deposit the funds of the entity in the official account of the same. Prepare a semi-annual report. Present the annual balance and sign the balance sheets with the president.

Members: attend meetings and convocations, perform the tasks that are agreed with the Board. The titular members have a vote, the substitute have a voice but no vote, have a vote if replace a titular member for some reason.

Court of Accounts: is the supervisory body of the entity. Two people will be a incumbent and a substitute. They may examine the books, cash, existing documentation, prepare a report describing the situation of the entity and its assets, may call an extraordinary assembly in case of refusal of the steering committee or at the request of any associate in order of the importance of the matter to treat.

  1. Propose the maximum election for 2 consecutive periods of the President (1 re-election) and a maximum of 4 alternate periods, to ensure the renewal of the executive members. (This point was not discussed at the last meeting: put it for discussion before proposing it).
  1. Propose the extension of the educational pedagogical channels. : for judges and members of the IFR in all its disciplines (online distance courses) to improve the accessibility of all the members of member clubs, especially those of those countries that are at a greater distance from the usual meeting places of the IFR, Europe.
  1. Define the Methodology for the Organization of Regional Events.
  1. To express our opinion to discuss more deeply the Change of Constitution (art 3.4) referring to the creation of 2 new Categories of Member Clubs (Full membership; Provisional membership.) And to be approved by be approved by absolute majority of the delegates by in-person voting or delegate.
  1. Express our support to all proposals that are aimed at improving the Breeding Test, socialization test, and Sociability Test and the genetic pool of the breed, always taking into account the existing reality in the different regions and the particular regulations of each country within national laws and institutional regulations.



The Belgian club Belgische Rottweiler Klub - Club Belge Rottweiler proposes the following change in the awarding of the IFR title of "World Winner", meaning a change of art. 8 of the regulations on the IFR World Show.

Qualifications and official show titles or certificates.

The show will be organized according to FCI show regulations if the CACIB can be issued at the show and / or the organizing country's national show regulations if not.    

Should the judging take place at the same time in more than one ring, the four best dogs of each class will be picked but will not be placed. Placing these dogs will happen when the judging of all classes is over and this in a central ring so all spectators can enjoy and witness the final placements of the dogs. They will be placed by the same judge that judged their class.

The adult (= starting as of intermediate class) dog and bitch which were chosen as best of their sex, the best youth male and the best youth bitch should they have received the qualification ”1st Excellent” in their class, the best veteran dog and the best veteran bitch which have received the qualification “1st Excellent” in the Veteran class, can compete for the title of Best in Show.

The following IFR-titles will be awarded :

World Youth Winner: to the best youth male and the best youth bitch, chosen from youth class (9 – 18 months) or if this class is subdivided, chosen from the males and females that were awarded the first place in their classes within this range of age (9 – 18 months).

World Winner: to the best male and the best female, chosen from intermediate, open, working and champion classes that were awarded the qualification 1° Excellent in their class and that have passed a character test on the day before the show.

The day before the IFR World Show starts, at the last the day before any adult classes (= as of intermediate class) will be judged, a character test will be organized.     The judge(s) for the test, the helpers and the dogs used for the demonstration of the test-routines are invited by the organizing IFR-Member club.   At least 2 helpers will be available, licenced for official IGP trials and wearing the full IGP-costume, soft stick and bite-sleeve as determined by the FCI.     The test will be judged by one judge who is (FCI) licenced to judge both the Rottweiler breed and international official IGP-trials or by two judges of whom at least one is (FCI) licenced to judge the Rottweiler breed and at least one to judge international official IGP-trials.  Show judges that will officiate at the World Show cannot be a member of this jury.    They will be allowed to be present and to witness the test but their presence is not mandatory nor may they influence the judge’s work and decisions.

The test will consist out of protection work, namely two exercises : an attack on the dog from the blind and a courage test.    Precise instructions on the routines of the exercises will be given by the judge (s) and will be shown to all participants before the actual test starts.   

The judge(s) will not conclude the dog’s participation by giving scores or qualifications but by simply qualifying the dog’s work with : “pass” / “not pass”.    The decision of the judge(s) is final and is not open for discussion.   In case judges do not agree, the conclusion is “not pass”.

The aim of the test is not to establish the degree of training or the ability to successfully participate trials but to establish the presence and minimal intensity of the drives that are needed and typical for the utility dog.    Not just the nature and intensity of reactions, grips and of the guard is to be established but also the ability to change drives and to remain (self)controlled at all times.    Not letting go of the sleeve after 4 commands, the last one in the proximity of the dog, and/or the dog not being under control or biting the helper elsewhere than in the sleeve must lead to disqualification.

All dogs entered in an adult class of the World Show (starting as of intermediate class but excluding veteran class) can be entered to participate the test.   Participation to the test is however not mandatory and yes or not participating and/or passing the test cannot and may not influence the grading and placing of the dog during the IFR World Show nor the possibility to be declared best male or female and/or Best In Show and/or to be awarded a CAC or CACIB if those certificates are issued at the show.

However, regardless and independent of the official show results and titles, the title of IFR World Winner can only be awarded to a male and a female that has participated and passed the character test.

Should the best male and/or female chosen at the IFR World Show between the winners from intermediate, open, working, and champion class have participated and passed the test, then the title of IFR World Winner will automatically be awarded to this male and/or female (if awarded an excellent grading).    

Should the best male and/or female chosen between the winners from intermediate, open, working and champion class not have participated the test or not have passed the test, then an additional competition will be organized between the dogs of that gender that did participate and pass the test and obtained the highest placements in their respective classes with at least an excellent grading.   This competition will be judged by the same show judge(s) who were appointed to decide on the best male and/or female between the before mentioned class winners.    The winning dog (if awarded an excellent grading) will be awarded the title of IFR World Winner of the gender concerned.



The German Rottweiler Club “ADRK” proposes to add and/or change the following to the regulations on the organization of the IGP and IFH World Championship :

When deciding on the judges that will be invited, the IFR member club that organises the IGP or IFH World Championship should always consider choosing judges of a member club or on such who regularly evaluate Rottweilers for member clubs that do not have own judges.

Furthermore, the proposals for the judges must be submitted to the IFR board for approval. The information has to be checked by the board, and an approval is required.


Great Brittain

The British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club proposes to replace art. 3.2 of the constitution by :

Per country, only one national club can be accepted as a member of the IFR.   

Should in the past more than one club have been recognized for a particular country, than they shall each nominate a delegate for the General Meeting or will nominate a common delegate that will represent them all. However, the national clubs from one country will have only one common vote and in case of disagreement they will be assumed to abstained.



The Rottweiler club of Lithuania proposes to add the following to the regulations on the organization of the World Show :

When an IFR Member Club and/or it’s national kennel club has issued a disciplinary sanction (at least the “suspension” to participate further canine activities) to one of its national residents because of an infraction on (inter)national (show) regulations or in general rules of good sportsmanship and that has become final and is no longer open to appeal, it may ask the IFR Member Club that organizes the next IFR World Show to refuse the entries by this person(s) for the World Show.  The decision by the organizing club, which may depend on national regulations, must be motivated but is not open for discussion.


Serbia (ARKS) :

The Serbian Rottweilerclub proposes to change the Constitution so that only one Rottweiler Club per country can be a Member of the International Federation of Rottweilerfriends.


Status per 05.08.2019