IFR Meeting 07 - 08 july 2018 - certification of international breed suitability.

All Member Clubs, especially their breed wardens, have been invited to a meeting that will be organized on 07-08 july 2018 in Switzerland.

The need for a much broader genepool of dogs that have been assessed on their physical and genetic health and on their conformation to the FCI standard, has indeed never been more acute than today.   To attain this goal, we must perhaps not aim at a complete homogeneity of all our breeding regulations as this would be unrealistic due to historical, legal and cultural reasons, but these must at least show homogeneity in the definition of the breed and in the establishment of minimal characteristics to be present before a dog can and may be declared breed suitable.   

The meeting will discuss and demonstrate existing regulations and tests and will introduce discussions and proposals for communal minimal criteria, both in breeding regulations and breed suitability tests, so these can be established and then imposed by all member clubs to their members.     This must lead to more homogeneity in the breeding and keeping of the Rottweiler and especially the preservation of the traits that define him, including the traits of the strong self-confident and well balanced working dog.   This will aim at results on the longer term but in addition, the idea is also on the table and this on a short term, to issue an IFR-recognized certificate that would recognize the international breed suitability of individual dogs. 

We are convinced that all Memberclubs are aware of the extremely important nature of this Meeting and its possible implications for the future of our beloved Rottweiler !

Vis Unita Fortior !!


IFR World Championship Tracking Dog FCI FH I September 17-18 2019

All Delegates were invited to vote on the proposal to organize an IFR World Championship FH I or II (tracking dog).    The proposal was supported by the IFR board as it will again promote and preserve the Rottweiler as a utility breed.    

It is my pleasure to announce that a majority of Member Clubs have accepted the proposal !


Poll : do IFR Memberclubs intend to follow the Norwegian initiative to measure all heads.

The following poll is meant for IFR Delegates only.    It is meant to collect information about the Memberclub's intention and/or willingness to consider asking the judges at their breed special shows to measure the dog's heads, their opinion on the usefullness and/or necessity of such measurements and the willingness / ability to share existing information.

Finland to follow the Norwegian example

We just received formal confirmation by the Delegate of the Finnish Rottweilerclub  that the head (and its ratio's) of all Rottweilers entered for her breed special shows will be measured, starting this year.    We are sure others will follow.     

The IFR will send a "poll" to all Delegates, asking for the willingness and/or intention of their respective clubs to consider following the example.     

The Rottweiler head ... a follow up.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

This morning, I received an email by several IFR-Member clubs asking to take a position on the initiative of the Norwegian club to measure the heads of all Rottweilers that participate their breed special shows.

All Delegates have received the e-mail by the Norwegian Rottweiler club with the results of this measuring.  

These findings are worrying, even frightening because they show that all dogs had a too short muzzle in proportion to the length of the head !   All of them, with no exception …!   

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