Regulations IFR World Championship Tracking Dogs

It is with pleasure that we can now announce that the IFR decided to organize not only an annual World Championship IPO III but also an annual World Championship for Tracking Dogs and that its Regulations are approved.

This is again a major decision and step towards for the preservation of the original characteristics of the Rottweiler as a utility breed.

Our friends from Denmark may start their preparations for the first competition in 2019 and will find the Board at the ready for all wanted assistance and cooperation.   

Please communicate this to all your Club Members.  We look forward to meet the Rottweiler in large numbers on the tracking field !

Rottweilers at the FCI World Championship all breeds 2018

Two Rottweilers will compete at the FCI all breeds IPO World Championship 2018 in Italy ( )

We wish them all the best results and thank them for being the ambassadors of our beloved breed at this prestigious event :

  • Gavin Buck  with Stormhaus Drago (UK)
  • Simon David Hopcroft-Lopez  with Vonkassel Djuke (UK)

Entries for the IFR World Championship 2018

At this moment already, not less than 66 competitors are entered for the IFR World Championship IPO.

This is fantastic !      Be there : 21 - 22 september 2018.     More info :

No Rottweiler lover with a heart for the breed as a utility breed should be absent !


There is only one Rottweiler breed, not as many as there are judges ... !

I honestly do not understand the fuzz and panic about the adjustment of the FCI breed standard.    It is not a new standard and it does not define a new breed.    In fact, the amendments are mostly only clarifications of since long known wanted and unwanted characteristics, nothing more.   These clarifications were needed and meant to stop an all too far-reaching permissiveness in judging and breeding the Rottweiler and to correct the unwanted results of this.  However, they do not hold a new definition of the breed, to the contrary they confirm the breed in it's type and details !    So, why the panic amongst lovers of the breed ?

In one of my former posts, I already made a loud call to accept and respect the breed standard as it is.   It holds the definition of the breed and all that deviates from that ideal – in whatever way and so both towards an extreme expression or towards an insufficient or even an absent expression of a trait - is a fault.   

Whoever calls himself a lover of the breed must respect the standard ... or must admit that his true love is not for the Rottweiler.   In the latter case he would better choose for another breed !    One’s deviating personal preferences are indeed just as irrelevant as they are harmful when put to practice in the show-ring and/or breeding.

The breed standard ... and personal opinions ...

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The adjusted FCI Breed Standard nr. 147 for the Rottweiler was published only yesterday and I am receiving lots of e-mails and messages and it looks like social media are quickly following.

These messages concern all sorts of comments and personal opinions.    They vary between on the one side a thankful cheering to on the other side the statement that the adjustment is still giving too much freedom for personal interpretation.     They vary between the hope that the adjusted standard will finally bring the Rottweiler back to its definition to messages that blatantly dare to deny that the standard defines the breed and that state that a judge’s or breeder’s personal preferances may and even must still prevail (sic).     They vary between the regret that the adaption did not come much sooner to the opinion that judges or breeders should not bring the adjusted standard immediately into practice but should allow for a transition period, etc. … .

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