Clubs that sent an application for membership were invited to the MOD.

All clubs that sent an application for IFR-Membership were invited to attend the Meeting of Delegates (MOD) dd. 18.09.2019 to present their application.    If so desired and announced, they may also ask to attend an indvidual meeting with the Board on 17.09.2019. 

Proposal by the IFR Board to be discussed by the Meeting of Delegates


Based on the discussions at the Meeting of Delegates dd. 05.05.2017 and the results of the Meeting dd. 07 and 08.July 2019 in Wohlen, the IFR Board has prepared the following document to be discussed at the Meetings of 17 and 18 september 2019.    

Click to open the document : proposal by the IFR Board for the Meeting of Delegates 2019.

Facta non verba.


Proposals sent by Member Clubs for the IFR Meetings of 17 - 18 september 2019

The following proposals were sent in by IFR Member Clubs to be discussed at the Meetings of 17 - 18 september 2019.   

In alphabetical order : Argentina / Belgium / Germany / Great Brittain / Lithuania / Serbia ... (status per 05.08.2019) 


IFR Meetings 17 - 18 september 2019 in Denmark - invitation and agenda

The full program of the Rottweiler week of 14 - 21 september is to be found on    Should you have questions, please contact the Danish Rottweiler Club or the Delegate of your IFR-Member Club. 

All Delegates of the IFR-Member Clubs have been invited to attend the following meetings and to send in eventual proposals for discussion.  Those proposals will be communicated to all Delegates and will be published on this website under a separate title. 

IFR events 2019 - Denmark



Dear Delegates and Rottweiler Friends,

As was announced and published before, our Danish friends will this year not only organize the IFR-World Championship IGP III ABC, but a whole week of Rottweiler festivities and including the Meeting of Delegates :

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