Character test at the IFR World Show - the routines

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The news that the title of World Winner can only be awarded to a dog that passed a character test on the day before the show was very well received and was even loudly applauded as it is a rule meant to recognize, preserve and reward the complete Rottweiler.

Of course, being a novelty, questions arose as to what participants must expect when they enter their dogs for the test.  

Letter of Commitment

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The Board has taken the time since the Meeting of Delegates dd. 18.09.2019 to well prepare its further activity.

Those who have read the minutes of the Meeting in Wohlen in 2018, have read that not all Member Clubs fullfil all constitutional obligations nor answer every request for cooperation, even knowing that the latter implies the risk that IFR-Membership can be terminated because of this.


Termination of the RCI's membership of the IFR

The Board of the IFR has received a communication by the Italian Kennel Club ENCI that it no longer recognizes the Italian Rottweiler Club RCI.

According to art. 3.1 of the IFR – Constitution, this necessarily and immediately implies the termination of the RCI’s membership of the IFR : “Only a national club that is a member or recognized by its respective national FCI-affiliated kennelclub (or kennelclub that is an FCI contract partner) can be a member of the IFR.”).  

This was confirmed to the RCI and the association was thanked for its former cooperation.    We have hopes that a new Italian Rottweiler Club will applicate for IFR-Membership.

IFR World Championships IGP and IFH 2020 - Hungary

The dates for the IFR World Championships 2020 are known.

Please inform your members that the next World Championship IGP and IFH will be organized in Hungary from 20 – 25 october 2020.

The planned location is AERO HOTEL (SPORT AIRPORT) in the City JAKABSZÁLLÁS (20 km on highway from KECSKEMÉT city)       (click).

FCI - scientific research concerning brachycephalic breeds.

We have all heard about the cooperation agreement that the FCI has made concerning BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome).   (click to open the page).

Although this initiative aims at contributing to the health of all Brachycephalic breeds while the Rottweiler's head is supposed to be of the mesocephalic type, it concerns us as it is no secret that BOAS has entered our breed too !   Worse even, I hear that in some countries, fashion motivated judging / breeding has even led to the understanding by cynologic authorities that the Rottweiler belongs to the brachycephalic breeds !  

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