IFR events 2019 - Denmark



Dear Delegates and Rottweiler Friends,

As was announced and published before, our Danish friends will this year not only organize the IFR-World Championship IGP III ABC, but a whole week of Rottweiler festivities and including the Meeting of Delegates :

IFR World Show 2019 - Shangai.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

We look back on a very successful organization of the IFR World Show 2019 by the Chinese Rottweiler club (CKURK).

On behalf of the IFR, I offer my sincere thanks to the Rottweiler club of China for its warm welcome to all Delegates, judges and participants and especially for its willingness and hard work to organize the IFR-show 2019.    Indeed, only those of us who have organized such an event themselves, know how much hard work, how much dedication and especially how much idealism this demands and the organizer can never be thanked enough.

For the IFR, bringing the World Show to China was both a challenge and a necessity.

Don't boycott the people who wage our fight ... support them !!!

We learn that there is some animosity on social media about the fact that the IFR World Show 2019 will be organized by the Chinese Rottweiler Club, a  decision that was taken unanimously by the Meeting of Delegates dd. 2017.

Like all dog lovers, we are aware of the gruesomeness of the photo’s and video’s that flood our western social media, showing dogs being horribly abused.  They show a reality that is so horrible that it overshadows all considerations of accepting this as a mere cultural fact.   

However, this cannot and may not motivate a call for a boycott of the IFR-show in China !   Those that do call for a boycott of the show, will in fact obtain the opposite result.

Facta non verba ... the IFR is livelier than ever ... .

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Our Federation is livelier than ever before.  We receive many responses and all are strongly positive.


Judges ... please be aware of the dangers of social media !

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

On the evening before the IFR World Championship IPO 2018,  so on the eve before we will celebrate the breed as a healthy utility breed, I was contacted by several Rottweiler lovers concerning photo’s that were recently published on social media.  

Some of these again show dogs with such extreme features that they can honestly no longer be judged under the FCI-standard.  There was even a video of a pup whose physical and genetic health may be questioned at first sight !   

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