Looking back on the IFR World Championships 2019 IGP and IFH.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

I hope you all arrived home safe and well from our successful IFR-events in Denmark.  

My sincere thanks to the Danish Rottweiler Club and its hard working team for its willingness to organize the event.  I know how much dedication and idealism it takes to do so and I offer you my honest compliments :  you ran a smooth event and allowed us to enjoy the Rottweiler in all his facets and this we certainly did !

The IFR World Champion IGP 2018 at the FCI WC all breeds 2019

Dmitriy Dudukin with Cid vom Rottberg, the IFR World Champion IGP 2018, represented the IFR or better said the Rottweiler at the 2019 FCI World Championship IGP all breeds in Austria and made us all proud ... again ... with a score of 95 80 90 = 265.  Congratulations !!!   And thank you for your trust and love for our breed and for representing it so succesfully at the highest levels !!!    The same respect and thanks for Jimmy Nilsson with Eico Nivanus, succesful (264) on the Swedish team with a Rottweiler !  



New update on the situation in Norway

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Without wanting to minimalize anything, the present message wants to stop all senseless speculations and worries concerning the IFR-World Championship in Denmark.

We have indeed all heard that dogs in Norway suffer from a not yet identified disease (inflamed intestines – bloody diarrhea) that has proven lethal to some of them.     Given timely veterinarian aid, suffering dogs are however said to recover.

The information that is available is limited, even after authopsies on the corpses of several deceased dogs.

At the moment it is still not known what causes the disease and it seems that it may not even be certain that all the ill dogs suffer the same disease and/or that their affections have the same causes.   

Not less than 60 competitors for the IFR World Championship IGP and 15 for the IFH !

Not less than 60 participants will compete for the highest title in IGP III and not less than 15 for the World Championtitle in IFH I and II.

On behalf of the whole Rottweiler world : succes, enjoy and our sincere thanks for showing and preserving the Rottweiler as a working breed !!!

Cfr. for the participants list in IGP :

Cfr. for the participants in IFH :

Judges on the website's list were invited for the judge's seminar on 17.09.2019

All Delegates have undoubtedly informed their national judges about the IFR-judge’s seminar that will be organized in Denmark on 17.09.2019, at 17.00 h. in the afternoon. 

All judges on the IFR’s website list are indeed invited for this seminar.

The seminar will be organized with the reason, purpose and manner as it was done in the past.     

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