Finland to follow the Norwegian example

We just received formal confirmation by the Delegate of the Finnish Rottweilerclub  that the head (and its ratio's) of all Rottweilers entered for her breed special shows will be measured, starting this year.    We are sure others will follow.     

The IFR will send a "poll" to all Delegates, asking for the willingness and/or intention of their respective clubs to consider following the example.     

The Rottweiler head ... a follow up.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

This morning, I received an email by several IFR-Member clubs asking to take a position on the initiative of the Norwegian club to measure the heads of all Rottweilers that participate their breed special shows.

All Delegates have received the e-mail by the Norwegian Rottweiler club with the results of this measuring.  

These findings are worrying, even frightening because they show that all dogs had a too short muzzle in proportion to the length of the head !   All of them, with no exception …!   

IFR-titles - IFR World Show

As we were contacted (not for the first time) concerning existing IFR-titles and the confusion that was created in the past because of the use of not existing and therefore unrecognized titles (such as Vice World Winner, Best Breeder or Best Reproducer or Best progeny, etc. …), we emphasize that the IFR indeed only recognizes the titles : “IFR World Winner” and “IFR World Youth Winner”, none else.

To avoid all misunderstanding, our Friends of the Argentine Rottweilerclub were requested to make sure that no other titles are announced on their website and/or used in the organization and the course of the event.   

Norwegian regulations on length of muzzle.

We were informed by the Norwegian Rottweilerclub about its following decision and showregulations concerning the length of the muzzle of the Rottweiler, an issue that concerns all Rottweiler lovers :

Changes to the regulations on the IFR World Championship

The articles 3 and 20 of the Regulations on the organisation of the IFR World Championship IPO III ABC were changed in the sense that

  • each team may consist out of 7 participants + 2 reserve
  • the organising country may (but this is not obligatory) appoint a chief judge

The full text of the Regulations can be found on this website.

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