New update on the situation in Norway

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Without wanting to minimalize anything, the present message wants to stop all senseless speculations and worries concerning the IFR-World Championship in Denmark.

We have indeed all heard that dogs in Norway suffer from a not yet identified disease (inflamed intestines – bloody diarrhea) that has proven lethal to some of them.     Given timely veterinarian aid, suffering dogs are however said to recover.

The information that is available is limited, even after authopsies on the corpses of several deceased dogs.

At the moment it is still not known what causes the disease and it seems that it may not even be certain that all the ill dogs suffer the same disease and/or that their affections have the same causes.   

It has not been established that the disease is contagious or not and until now I have not heard of a Rottweiler that is affected by this disease, let alone a Rottweiler that is active in dog sport or a dog that lives in the surroundings of such a Rottweiler.

It is therefore at this moment impossible for us to evaluate or establish an actual risk, especially as at this moment there is no indication that dogs in Denmark or other countries than Norway have been contaminated or suffer the same disease.  

We therefore see no reason to cancel the IFR World Championships or to warn against participation (which will however at the end always be an individual decision and in which nobody can give a full guarantee).

What we do know is that all Scandinavian authorities are extremely careful, are continuously following up on the situation and are not taking any risks at all.    This is the case for the Kennelclubs but also for the organizing Danish Rottweiler Club and the Norwegian Rottweiler Club.

To exclude all risks, the Norwegian and Danish Kennelclubs have decided on a measure of quarantaine, meaning that no dogs from Norway may participate shows or trials in Norway and/or Denmark.  This measure is still limited in time, namely until 16 September and will then be evaluated again.    The Norwegian kennelclub also recommends its members not to participate any activities in other countries.   

I am fully convinced by the professional way the situation is being handled by those authorities and I am sure that they, and the Danish Rottweiler Club, will never allow a needless risk for the health of the dogs and that they will report as soon as more is known on the disease, its nature, causes and possible dangers.

I had several conversations with the President of the Norwegian Rottweiler Club and the Delegate of the Danish Rottweiler Club and it is clear for us that the Norwegian dogs that are entered for the IFR-World Championships, even if they not show any symptoms, will not be able to participate unless we would timely receive full scientific certainty that the disease is not contagious but is caused by some non-transferable external cause.      I am sorry for the competitors involved but I hear that they fully understand this.    Cfr. the official communication by the NKK.

Also, again to be on the safe side, we request all Team Leaders to let us know if any dogs in their teams have recently been in Norway or in contact with Norwegian dogs or protection helpers.  

If not, there is no need to answer.   If so, please let us know urgently, by 11 September at the very latest ( + .    This will not mean that we will necessarily exclude those dogs from the competition, only that we can and will take this information into account when we will learn more about the nature of the disease and its possible infectivity.   

Also, we will ask the veterinarians at the stadion to give particular attention when checking the dogs.  

Please believe me when I say that the health of our dogs has priority and I sincerely hope that the present mail will take away further speculation and worries and that we can all prepare for a great event.  

The Danish Rottweiler Club is certainly doing all it can to make it indeed a great event where the Rottweiler, a healthy working dog, is shown at his best : on the working field !

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteele,