IFR World Show 2018 Argentina

We hear that 180 entries are registred for the IFR World Show 2018 in Argentina (13 - 14 oktober) and look forward to a great show with thorough and fair judging, a perfect opportunity for all lovers of the breed to enjoy and promote the Rottweiler as the great dog he is.  

I wish the judges rings brimming with excellent dogs but above all I hope and dare to insist that their judgments will not just select the most beautifull dog but will hold a message, the message that the Rottweilerbreed is a healthy utility-breed, averse from extremities and that what makes him "beautifull" is not defined by personal preferances but by the FCI-breed standard, to be understood as the very characteristics that make the Rottweiler fit to function and be the versatile breed it is : the Rottweiler is in body and in mind, physically and mentally ... always and everywhere and also in the showring : a healthy working dog !    

To the organisation : my sincere thanks,.  To all participants : success.   To the breed : a bright future !

Dirk Vandecasteele.