Facta non verba ... the IFR is livelier than ever ... .

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Our Federation is livelier than ever before.  We receive many responses and all are strongly positive.


IFR World Championship IPO III ABC 2018 - the Netherlands

We look back on a very successful World Championship, a true feast in honour of the Rottweiler as a healthy utility breed !   There were not less than 65 entries and we witnessed a fair and strong competition, well organized by our Rottweiler friends of the Netherlands and for which our sincere thanks.  More info and details will follow shortly.    

The results :

Judges ... please be aware of the dangers of social media !

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

On the evening before the IFR World Championship IPO 2018,  so on the eve before we will celebrate the breed as a healthy utility breed, I was contacted by several Rottweiler lovers concerning photo’s that were recently published on social media.  

Some of these again show dogs with such extreme features that they can honestly no longer be judged under the FCI-standard.  There was even a video of a pup whose physical and genetic health may be questioned at first sight !   


IFR World Show 2018 - Argentina.

The ACRR (Argentine Rottweilerclub) offers a free registration for the IFR World Show for the best male + the best female of the national Clubsieger Shows of all IFR Member Clubs.  All IFR Member Clubs are requested to send the full information of the dogs and their owners as quickly as possible to the ACRR : .  The owners will then be contacted directly.

As the ACRR states : "The goal of this is to have the best dogs and provide the best show as our beloved breed deserves."

Entries for the show are open until 14.09.2018 !

Regulations IFR World Championship Tracking Dogs

It is with pleasure that we can now announce that the IFR decided to organize not only an annual World Championship IPO III but also an annual World Championship for Tracking Dogs and that its Regulations are approved.

This is again a major decision and step towards for the preservation of the original characteristics of the Rottweiler as a utility breed.

Our friends from Denmark may start their preparations for the first competition in 2019 and will find the Board at the ready for all wanted assistance and cooperation.   

Please communicate this to all your Club Members.  We look forward to meet the Rottweiler in large numbers on the tracking field !

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