IFR World Championship Tracking Dog FCI FH I September 17-18 2019

All Delegates were invited to vote on the proposal to organize an IFR World Championship FH I or II (tracking dog).    The proposal was supported by the IFR board as it will again promote and preserve the Rottweiler as a utility breed.    

It is my pleasure to announce that a majority of Member Clubs have accepted the proposal !


The aim is to organize an annual event and the organizing club will have the choice to organize the event on level I an/or II. Should there be no application to organize in a certain year, then the event would be postponed to a following year. 

The proposal was accepted by the following Member Clubs (in alphabetical order) : Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republik, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Macedonia, Norway, Peru, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain (not agreeing with the date in Denmark but agreeing on the principle), Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands.

The proposal is therefore accepted.

While our Danish friends may start the preparations of the event, we will work out regulations to ensure a correct organisation with great sportsmanship with the option of organizing the FH event on level I or II.    It goes without saying that the draft of these regulations will be sent to all Member Clubs for approval and/or comment.

The first edition will be organized on 17-18 september 2019, just before the IFR World Championship IPO III in Denmark.

I thank and congratulate all Members of the IFR : together we have again made a step forwards in the world wide confirmation, preservation and promotion of the Rottweiler as a utility breed !

With friendly greetings,

On behalf of the IFR-Board,

D. Vandecasteele.