IFR Meetings 17 - 18 september 2019 in Denmark - invitation and agenda

The full program of the Rottweiler week of 14 - 21 september is to be found on    Should you have questions, please contact the Danish Rottweiler Club or the Delegate of your IFR-Member Club. 

All Delegates of the IFR-Member Clubs have been invited to attend the following meetings and to send in eventual proposals for discussion.  Those proposals will be communicated to all Delegates and will be published on this website under a separate title. 

The IFR Meetings will be organized as follows :

Tuesday 17. September 2019 : Meeting of Delegates, Breed Wardens and Judges

09.00 – 13.00          Presentation of the work and proposals of the Board
14.00 – 18.00          Individual and separate meetings with Delegates from Member Clubs

Wednesday 18. September 2019 :

10.00 – 14.00            Official Meeting of Delegates
Afternoon :                Breed Warden and Judge’s seminar

All Meetings will take place at the address : Hotel Odense (Odense Congress Center), Ørbækvej 350, 5220



1. Opening of the meeting by the IFR-President. If present, the Honorary President(s) will be given right of speech at the opening of the meeting.
2. Confirmation of the presence and the validity of the delegates
3. Election of the chairman and his deputy
4. Election of two auditors who will be asked to audit the bookkeeping.
5. Approval of the agenda
6. Treatment of the proposals sent in by members and by the Board
7. Decision of Admittance of new members
8. Report of the executive board for the expired period
9. Report of the auditors
10. Discussion on the reports
11. Relief of the Board
12. Determination of the host country for the next activities of the IFR
(MOD, World Championship, World Show and other)
13. Presentation of the candidates for the election of the executive board
14. Discussion and decision on the activities to be executed by the executive board that is to be elected
15. Election of the executive board:
       a) election of the President;
       b) election of the Vice-President;
       c) election of 4 members of the board;
       d) possible election of additional members of the board;
       e) election of two auditors.
16. Determination of the Membership fees

Hasselt, 01.07.2019.