IFR Committee to advise on regulations and BST's

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

As was decided by the Meeting of Delegates dd. 18.09.2019, a committee has been founded to evaluate all existing breed regulations and breed suitability tests.

It’s mission is defined as :

  • to establish the existence and content of existing breeding regulations and breed suitability tests.
  • to advise the Board on the conformity of these regulations and tests to the constitutional conditions for IFR-Membership.    

This will be done on the basis of the criteria decided upon by the Meeting in Wohlen dd. 07 – 08 July 2018, both what concerns the existence and minimal content of tests of social behaviour and breeding regulations and what concerns the existence, format and minimal content of breed suitability tests and this including the yes or not compulsory implementation of these regulations and tests for all breeding dogs.

  • To advice the Board on how to qualify the Member Clubs, more precisely as full members or provisional members (cfr. art. 3.4 of the IFR  Constitution).

This work was already taken up when the current board members were elected in 2016 but it must now be finished and be brought to concrete results. 

The members of the Committee are :

  • Carsten Henriksen (Denmark) – chairman of the committee
  • Frank Beiboer (The Netherlands)
  • Veronica Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Pieter Dieter Viehoff (ADRK)
  • Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium).

I wish the committee success.   Given the importance of it's mission, it's work will benefit the Rottweiler world wide.     

The IFR Board will be informed on a regular basis about the committee's progress and all IFR Member Clubs will have the opportunity for input after we will have collected the necessary information.

Please be aware that the mission of the committee is not only to examine and analyse all existing regulations and then to synthesize and report its findings and conclusions but also to ensure itself of the actual implementation of those regulations, for instance by collecting information on litters born in the concerned countries and on the parent-dogs and requesting communication of the written reports of the BST’s that these dogs have passed. 

For this, the committee is empowered to contact Member Clubs and request their cooperation.  In case of a lack of cooperation, the Committee will ask for the support by the IFR-Board to convince the concerned clubs to cooperate (cfr. also art. 3.5 of the IFR Constitution).

On behalf of the IFR … I urge all Delegates to cooperate with the Committee and send all requested information as soon as possible.

The few Member Clubs that have not yet sent back the “Letter of Commitment” are reminded to do so now as quickly as possible.      

On behalf of the IFR-Board ... and repeating it's motto : Facta non Verba,

D. Vandecasteele,