Facta non verba ... the IFR is livelier than ever ... .

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Our Federation is livelier than ever before.  We receive many responses and all are strongly positive.


We look back on a very successful World Championship IPO 2018 that - with not less than 65 entries and the work shown on the trialfield - was indeed a true feast in honor of the Rottweiler as a healthy utility breed !     

We now look forward to the IFR World Show in Argentina on 13 and 14 October 2018 and we wish the organization and participants all the best !      

I sincerely regret that because of personal reasons, I will not be able to attend the event in Argentina but Mr. Kulzer, IFR-honorary president, was asked to represent our Board.   

Now as far as 2019 is concerned.

The IFR World Show 2019 will be organized by our Friends in China on 05 and 06 may 2019, following the FCI World Dog Show.   

Please make as much publicity for the event as possible.   It is a unique chance for us, not only to promote our breed but also to support our Friends in China in their efforts to safeguard canine welfare.   Cfr. also the “news”-page on

As was decided and communicated before, both the IFR World Championship IPO + the first IFR World Championship Tracking Dog 2019 will be organized by our Rottweiler friends in Denmark. 

The IFR-Board has now moreover given its approval to complete the event with a Rottweiler specialty show that will be recognized as an IFR-regional show !      

This means that the event in Denmark will cover a whole week of Rottweiler-activities and will show the Rottweiler-breed in its completeness : beauty + character or in other words : its physical + mental conformity to the breed standard !      The first information is published on

Still at the same occasion and in Denmark, all Delegates will be invited to the biennial Meeting of Delegates.    The Meeting will most probably be preceded by one or more meetings of Breed-Wardens and a judge’s meeting.       

High on the agenda of these meetings will be the continuation and further elaboration of our discussions at the Meeting of Breed-Wardens and the Meeting of Delegates dd. 2017 and at our Meeting in July 2018 in Switzerland, concerning the conditions for IFR-Membership, the minimal conditions that must be part of all breeding regulations and breed suitability tests and of course the recognition of an individual international breed suitability and of an international breed suitability test.

More detailed news will follow but all Delegates are already now invited to reserve the dates (16 – 22 september 2019) and to communicate them to the members of their clubs.

Facta non verba !

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteeele.

P.S.    All Member Clubs who are interested to organize the IPO World Championship IPO and/or Tracking Dogs in 2020, are requested to contact our Board Members.