All Delegates were invited to the Meeting of Delegates dd. 05.05.2017.

All Delegates of IFR-Memberclubs and those who sent an application for IFR-Membership received repeated invitations for the Meeting of Breed Wardens dd. 04.05.2017 and for the Meeting of Delegates dd. 05.05.2017 (11.00 h, Desankin Venac bb, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia).

The agenda of the Meeting of Delegates was confirmed to be :

  1. Opening of the meeting by the IFR-President.

  2. Confirmation of the presence and the validity of the delegates

  3. Election of the chairman and his deputy, also of a secretary of the Meeting and two counters of votes.

  4. Approval of the agenda

  5. Decision of Admittance of new members (applications were received by : ADRK / Romania / Kuwait / RKSA / Mongolia.   An application by the club of Croatia is announced).

  6. Treatment of the proposals of the members and the current Board

  • No proposals from members were received.

  • The Board prepared the following topics :

    • Discussion of the information received from IFR-Membercountries concerning breeding-regulations, breed suitability tests, tests of social behavior, regulations concerning health issues, etc. … .

    • Clarification and if necessary adaption of the IFR-Constitution, more precisely where it says that only one country can be a memberclub of the IFR while the constitution also explains the implications of accepting more than one memberclub if they are recognized by the respective national kennelclubs.The point includes the situation in Germany.
    • Changes to the regulations on the World Championship

    • Changes to the regulations on the World Show

    • Discussion of a possible IFR test of social behavior

    • Discussion of a regulation on minimum ages of breeding dogs

    • Discussion about regulations / activities concerning genetic diseases and a reduced genetic diversity

7. Report of the executive Board for the expired period

8. Report of the auditors

9. Discussion on the reports

10. Relief of the Board

11. Determination of the host country for the next activities of the IFR (Congress, World Championship, World Show and other).

2018 :            World Show – Argentina

World Championship – Netherlands

2019 :            World Show – an application was announced from China.

12. Presentation of the candidates for the election of the executive Board.

13. Discussion and decision on the activities to be executed by the executive Board that is to be elected.

14. Election of the executive Board :

  • election of the President

  • election of the Vice-President

  • election of 4 members of the Board

  • possible election of additional members of the Board.

  • election of two auditors

15. Determination of the Membership fees for 2018 until the next Meeting of Delegates.