IFR World Championship 2017.

The competition will be organized on friday 25 - saturday 26 - sunday 27 august 2017.   The registration of the teams, the veterinary control, the official training, the demo dogs, the prior meeting with the judges and the opening parade will be on thursday 24 august !    

As those who were entered as reserve participants may participate the World Championship in the individual competition, not the team competition, we look forward to a World Champîonship with 55 paticipating Rottweilers !!     No ... for a Rottweilerfriend ... being absent cannot be an option !!!

BSL Alert in Spain (Madrid) and Wallonia (Belgium)

At a time that we are convinced that it has been long proven that there is no such thing as a "dangerous canine breed", again initiatives for Breed Specfic Legislation (BSL) were announced in Spain (Madrid) and in Belgium (Wallonia).   The Spanish (CRE) and Belgian (BRK) IFR-Memberclubs  have said to fight those proposals. The IFR-Board will therefore not intervene directly with the authorities that have announced those legislative initiatives but has offered its help to the Memberclubs concerned as I am sure that all other Memberclubs will do too.  Will be followed up upon.

Post testimonii dd. 05.05.2017 ... IFR quo vadis ?

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

I am convinced that the Delegate of your Rottweilerclub who attended the IFR-Meetings dd. 04 and 05.05.2017 in Serbia has already reported to you about these meetings, their content and especially their importance.   I dare indeed state that the Meeting of Delegates dd. 05.05.2017 2017, preceded by the preparatory Meeting of Breed Wardens, was extremely important and fruitful.

A laymans walk through basic canine genetics


The booklet "A layman's walk through basic canine genetics.  Genetic diseases and the correlation with a reduced genetic diversity of the breed" is available in PDF-format in English and in Spanish.     

A printed version is available in English.    

The following link leads to the text in an online magazine format :



Update 16.06.2016.

UPDATE after the Meeting of Delegates dd. 05.05.2017.

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