On 16 May 1969 representatives of the Rottweiler Clubs from Germany, Denmark, England, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Schweden, Switzerland and the USA got together to form an organization which goals are to promote the Rottweiler breed on an international level.
This organization is called the International Federation of Rottweiler Friends (IFR).
The tasks and objectives are summarized in a convention.
On the occasion of the IFR Congress in ESPOO, Finland, this Convention was revised on 7 June 1988.
Experience and carefulness were the reason to revise the Convention at the IFR Congress on 24 August 1995 in Ruck, Austria and again at the IFR Congress in Mexico-City on 06-07.07.2006, in Diest (Belgium) on 21.05.2009 and on 14.05.2015 in Roudnice nad Labem (Czech Republik),  04.05.2017 in Serbia (Kragujevac).

Agreement between IFR and FCI    (.PDF)
Minimum age for breeding

IFR Constitution

IFR Constitution


Regulations for IFR Worldchampionship I.P.O.
Regulations for IFR Show