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Proposal to forbid all protection work in dog sports (France)

Dear Friends,

You may have learned of the proposal in France to forbid all protection work in canine sports.    As this would touch the core of all utility breeds, the IFR Board has reacted on this.

Under these links you will find the letter that was send to our French Rottweiler Friends to be distributed to their members of parliament and all others concerned : French / English.

We will follow up on this and will keep you informed.

I am convinced that the French member club of the IFR would appreciate the support of your national club too.    For this, please contact it’s Delegate, Mrs. M. Makomasky

With friendly greetings,

IFR World Show 2020 - N. Macedonia - CANCELED = final decision.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The COVID-19 crisis seems to be far from over.   Even in countries where the crisis seemed to be under control, shortly after the easing of government measures, new flares of infection are established and governments are forced to take action again, tightening existing measures, imposing regional or even national lock-downs, travel restrictions, quarantines, etc.….

In close consultation with the Rottweiler Club of North Macedonia, even on their own initiative, it was decided to cancel the IFR World Show 2020 and postpone it to 2022.


The show, which would normally be held in the Netherlands in 2022, will be postponed to 2023.


I need not explain the rationale for this decision: our concern for human lives and subordinate the knowledge that it is impossible to host a World Show if it is not open to free and unimpeded international participation as this would turn the event into little more than a local event.

This decision is final.

I thank our friends from North Macedonia for their wisdom and their courage to make this decision and we look forward to their successful organization in 2022.

In the meantime I hope that this e-mail will reach you all in the best of health and that this terrible crisis will soon be over and we will be able to world wide fully experience and share our love for the Rottweiler again, no longer hindered by this terrible virus or any other reason.

On behalf of the IFR Board,

D. Vandecasteele.


New dates for the World Championships IGP and IFH in 2021.

The IFR World Championships IGP and IFH will in 2021 be organized in Hungary, more precisely from Tuesday 05.10.2021 until Saturday 09.10.2021.    More details will follow timely.  

The Meeting of Delegates will then be organized on 06.10.2021 (Wednesday). 

We look forward !

IFR World Championships IGP and IFH 2020 - postponed - Covid-19

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

First of all, I hope that you and your family are in perfect health.

The COVID-19 pandemy is far from over and it’s implications on our daily lives are still hard.    Although it fortunately seems that the situation is more and more under control, the health risk is still prominently present and restrictions on events where people meet are only very slowly lifting.   

Therefore, we were forced to make a decision concerning the IFR World Championships IGP and IFH that were scheduled for October 2020 in Hungary.

Winners of IFR World show 2016

  • image team
    Youth World Winner 2016

    Olburd Salivan

  • image team
    Youth World Winner 2016

    Gaya Unserbund

  • image team
    World Winner 2016

    Toti Black Alliusion

  • image team
    World Winner 2016 BOB

    Fila vom Hause Milacic

World IPO III Championship 2016

  • image team
    Cid vom Rottberg

    1st place Winner Dmitry Dudukin (Russia)

  • image team
    Team Winner Russia

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Frequenly Asked Questions

The Rottweiler is a medium to large size, stalwart dog, neither heavy nor light and neither leggy nor weedy. His correctly proportioned, compact and powerful build leads to the conclusion of great strength, agility and endurance.
The length of the body, measured from the point of the sternum (breast-bone) to the ischiatic tuberosity, should not exceed the height at the withers by, at most, 15%.
Good-natured, placid in basic disposition and fond of children, very devoted, obedient, biddable and eager to work. His appearance is natural and rustic, his behaviour self-assured, steady and fearless. He reacts to his surroundings with great alertness.